Justin Lundgren, M.D.

Dr. Lundgren is a physician specializing in the care of spine pain and musculoskeletal disorders. After graduating from LSU Medical School in 1999, he completed his residency at the University California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor. He is Board Certified by the American Association of PM&R and has extensive experience in treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions using the most modern and reliable non-surgical techniques. Working with the doctors at Southern Brain and Spine, he helps provide the full spectrum of rehabilitative options to patients who are seeking to avoid surgery or who are recovering from surgery.

Services offered by Dr. Lundgren include the following:

  • Electrodiagnostic testing (EMGs) for diagnosis of lumbar/cervical radiculopathy, nerve entrapment syndromes, and peripheral neuropathy. Fast turnaround times (5 days or less from time of referral) and immediate communication with the ordering physician is guaranteed.
  • Nonsurgical management of neck and low back pain. Immediate access to neurosurgical options if that is warranted.
  • Soft-tissue injections, joint injections, interventional techniques.
  • Diagnosis and non-surgical management of the full spectrum ofmusculoskeletal disorders. This includes shoulder, hip, and knee pathology
  • Management of sports related injuries.
  • Initiation of medication management for acute/chronic neuropathic and nociceptive pain syndromes.
  • Care for workers injured on the job.

Consultation with Dr. Lundgren for any of these services can be arranged by calling his office at (504) 454-0141.