Lucien Miranne, M.D.'s Testimonials

When I hurt my back at a dog show two years ago, my quality of life went from someone who was active to a person that could barely make it through the day without being in great pain. I went to a variety of doctors who offered me pain medication and temporary fixes. It was such a relief to meet Dr. Miranne!

At our first meeting he said, “I bet you hurt . . . but I can fix that.” At last, someone who could help me and not just mask my pain with narcotics! When I woke up from surgery, I immediately felt relief – sure, I hurt, but it wasn’t that all consuming pain that refused to go away.

Now, four months later, my dogs are competing at the National level and I’m living life with renewed energy. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Miranne for all he has done for me. I would also like to commend his staff for their professionalism and compassion. They were with me every step of the way, answering endless questions and keeping my spirits lifted before and after my surgery. The facility (Crescent City Surgical Centre) was amazing and I felt very well cared for during my stay. I recommend Dr. Miranne and his staff to everybody I know who has suffered with back pain but was too scared to have surgery.

- Sharon

When I had my accident on the job, my first thought was “there goes my career as a firefighter”. I suffered a herniated disc at L4-5. For the next month, my days were spent laying on the floor, taking painkillers and barely being able to walk. After my surgery, the pain in my leg was gone. I was up and walking hours after surgery. I am still a few weeks from going back to work but I know I will be able to perform my job to its fullest thanks to Dr. Miranne and Southern Brain and Spine.

- Christopher

The decision to have back surgery was difficult, but deciding which neurosurgeon would perform the surgery was easy. Dr. Miranne has provided skilled and compassionate care to several of my immediate family members in the past. The term “Family Doctor” is a common one. In our family we have a “Family Neurosurgeon”. When it was apparent that conservative treatment had failed, I didn’t hesitate to contact Dr. Miranne. Dr. Miranne reviewed my diagnostic studies with me and was very patient as he outlined my options. He gave a detailed explanation of the surgical procedure as well as what to expect in the postoperative period. I had total confidence in him on the day of surgery and throughout my recovery. The care I received from Dr. Miranne was exceptional and I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Cindy

Dr. Miranne has performed six surgeries on me since 2004. He continually gets me back on my feet and back to my life. I have the utmost trust in him. So much so, that I have recommended him to my family and friends. I wouldn’t trust my spine to anyone else.

- Charleen

I came to Dr. Miranne knowing that I had a bone spur on my cervical spine between the 5th and 6th vertebra that was sending electrical shocks down my left arm to my fingers. He looked at my x-rays and said “I can fix this”. He explained everything in great detail and made me feel very confident in him. Dr. Miranne was referred to me by my best friend and two neighbors. All of them are patients of his and are doing great. Three months ago I had surgery and I have not felt that pain again. I am exercising again and I feel wonderful! He has given me my life back. I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Miranne.

- Crystal

Just the thought of having back surgery was frightening after hearing other people’s horror stories. But Dr. Lucien Miranne and the entire staff at Southern Brain & Spine made me comfortable about the situation.

First, Dr. Miranne actually spent almost forty-five minutes with me explaining the whole procedure and what to expect afterwards in layman’s terms (unheard of). At the same meeting, I met with his surgical assistant and she assured me even more that I was making the right decision.

After the surgery, all questions were dealt with in a caring, thoughtful and professional manner. Although no one looks forward to having surgery, especially back surgery, I am lucky and blessed to have dealt with Southern Brain & Spine. They are all truly a credit to their profession.

- Rich

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