Najeeb Thomas, M.D.'s Testimonials

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your attention and care for me during this difficult time in my life.  Without your expertise and diagnosis, I might be in worse shape than I am.  I am hoping to be able to complete this journey and win this battle for better health.  Please know I will keep you in my prayers and will not forget how you have gone “the extra mile” for me

- Jane

This card is a small token of my gratitude and appreciation to you and your team for the wonderful care and treatment I received. Erin, Michelle and Kriste were very thorough, professional, and courteous through all phases of my care. Kriste did an excellent job explaining the procedure during my preoperative consultation and has been a tremendous resource during my recovery. I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain most of my adult life, so I am extremely pleased to be nearly pain free after just six weeks since I had my surgery. My overall quality of life has been dramatically improved and I am thankful. Finally, I would like to compliment you as a physician and your exceptional skills as a surgeon. You have been reassuring and confident, but most importantly personable and kind. Please know that you and your team at Southern Brain and Spine are greatly appreciated.

- Martin M.

I enjoyed visiting with you at my post operative “graduation” appointment on March 31. Unfortunately, I managed to get away without expressing my sincere gratitude for your care and treatment and the excellent results you obtained. I know a number of physicians personally and have dealt with many professionally in the course of my practice over the years. Your character, bedside manner, personality and skill are certainly exceptional and the combination rarer still. I very much enjoyed being your patient and will highly recommend you, given the opportunity. Please also express my thanks and appreciation to your entire staff, including Michelle. All were extremely professional and helpful at every stage.

- L.B.

We wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to you for what you’ve done for our family. We are truly grateful and fortunate to have been referred to you by Jeremy and so appreciate that you rearranged your schedule to accommodate our mom’s surgery as quickly as you did. As you know, she was in a tremendous amount of pain, so much so that she was deteriorating slowly, both physically and mentally. Thanks to you, her pain has gone down considerably and you’ve given our family hope during this very difficult time – hope for a better quality of life for our mom. You are an amazing neurosurgeon and although we do not know you personally (aside from a few stories that Jeremy has mentioned), we know from your actions that you are a kind, caring and wonderful person. Please accept this gift (idea taken from one of those stories!) as a token of our appreciation.

- Sue A.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to being the best that you can be and help people like me to regain my “quality of life.” I am doing very well from my surgery in 2008. I can’t go full speed ahead at 74 but I am reaching my goals with some “behavior modification”. May you always enjoy a great “quality of life” and blessings overtake you!

- Dolly & Ralph

Thank you so much for rearranging your schedule and quickly getting me to surgery. Once again, I feel that I have my life back! Wishing you and your family a fun and safe summer.

- Shelley P.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me back a part of my life. Your kindness and sincere concern of my well being is greatly appreciated. You restored my faith in the medical field. After being told by several neurosurgeons that nothing could be done for my condition, I found you. Thank you and your wonderful staff.

- Darlene

You gave me my quality of life back!! Thank you very much for your gift of being an awesome neurosurgeon!! I have felt the best these past 3 weeks than I have in 2 years. I want to run, ride my bike & swim but I know I need to relax & heal! But thanks to you, I will be able to do these things again soon.

- Cheri

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate for what you have done for me and John. My life changed in a moment but God knew that there were the perfectly talented folks to make me whole again. Your kind attention during my hospital stay and beyond has been more than I expected. I always felt like I was the only patient. Keep up the good work! You’re making life better for many people. Heartfelt thanks.

- Barbara

Many, many thanks for your outstanding medical expertise in repairing my spine. You came highly recommended by two of my doctors and you certainly lived up to their recommendation. I knew I was in the right place when I walked in and was greeted by your caring and professional staff. When I awoke in recovery, there was no pain whatsoever in my left leg, something I had resigned myself to accept. You indeed, are one of the quiet heroes who walk this earth. I am so grateful and appreciative for all that you were able to do for me.

- Theresa