Rand Voorhies, M.D.

In 2006, when I first met Dr. Voorhies, I was in very bad shape – barely able to walk without falling and in need of several complex spinal cord related surgeries.  These surgeries were made even more difficult due to several anomalies in my anatomy.  Dr. Voorhies took the time and care to fully and methodically examine and study my case from every angle before deciding what course of action was needed.  Not only did Dr. Voorhies save my life, he is also the reason I am able to walk today.  My wife and I are extremely grateful for Dr. Voorhies’ amazing talent, skill, knowledge and care, and for his wonderful support team who was there for us every step of the way.  – Terry     For your impeccable standards, vast knowledge of surgery, and your caring attitude toward me as your patient – best wishes always.  Thanks for giving me my life back! – Ginger     Dr. Rand Voorhies was the second neurosurgeon I consulted.  After my first set of tests and MRI, I was given a frank and honest opinion of the pain I had in my back.  I could have surgery or go buy myself a scooter.  After deciding to have surgery, Dr. Voorhies sat down with me and gave a detailed explanation of the surgery and the recovery.  The surgery was a success and now I am pain free and I am able to again work in my flowers.  I am very pleased with Dr. Voorhies and his staff and I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking relief from back pain like I had. – Jane     I had one of my employees that had a problem with his back.  He saw a chiropractic doctor, his family doctor, a pain management doctor, an orthopedic doctor and then about a year later he saw Dr. Rand Voorhies.  Dr. Voorhies diagnosed his problem and then, with consultation with my employee, a program of surgery and rehabilitation was put into effect.  The surgery was a success and after a short period of time he was back to work – Ted   I could no longer go out and enjoy a family day or get through a work day.  My headaches were too severe and I spent the majority of my time resting trying to make the pain go away.  My family needed me.  So I went to Dr. Voorhies like a child in need.  His words were comforting and his eyes were trusting.  He had a wisdom that was incomparable.  I needed to feel better and I had no idea of the path that lay ahead.  We made several attempts to pinpoint my pain.  Some days were hard when the attempts failed.  He and his staff made me feel like we were a team.  We were going to make the discovery that would lead to my better health.  I had to follow his instructions that lead to several tests and several other physician visits.  I trusted Dr. Voorhies’ choices.  Finally the day arrived and we were able to schedule surgery. I was very afraid but also ready to begin a new period in my life that didn’t include pain.  Dr. Voorhies was standing there when I woke up from surgery and his assurance brought me back to life.  After my recovery period I was able to get up and start my day pain free.  I am thankful that God put Dr. Voorhies in my path. – Anna     My experience with Dr. Voorhies and his whole staff has been the most remarkable in my life.  The fact that he is a brilliant neurosurgeon is only the icing on the cake.  His staff is like having guardian angels around you through everything you may encounter and experience.  They discovered through my pre-op that I had lung cancer – something I would never have suspected.  The point I’m trying to make is that they literally took over for me when I was so overwhelmed.  I didn’t know what to do.  They told me who to see and what I needed to do.  They are still there for me.  I will never be able to thank them for just being who they are.  I know Dr. Voorhies is the best in his field and he is surrounded by the best staff in the world. – Jo Ann     In the year 2002 at Ochsner Hospital, Dr. Rand Voorhies saved my life.  I came in from Nigeria not being able to raise my arms, and my legs were becoming numb.  After the emergency surgery, Dr. Voorhies told my wife that I had only about four or five days left before I would have become paralyzed from the neck down.  Eight years later I had to have lower back surgery.  It was a successful nine hour surgery – unfortunately, I had a heart attack during the surgery.  I woke up in the CCU surrounded by the best doctors in the hospital.  Two weeks later an angiogram showed that I had to have bypass heart surgery.  I had to have two major surgeries within two weeks.  I’ve had praise from other doctors the majority statement was “The Best”.  I am so fortunate to have had doctors like Dr. Dugan, Dr. Tubb and last but not least Dr. Voorhies taking care of me.  Like the other doctors said I’ve had “The Best”.  – Edison     I am writing to express my appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care that you and your staff have shown me since becoming a patient in 2009.  In light of my situation, I was very nervous but after my initial visit, you and your staff have been very personable, displaying much support, kindness, reassurance and professionalism, to not only myself, but my spouse.  Dr. Voorhies, you have demonstrated your total commitment, patience, sensitivity and genuine concern into caring for me prior to and after my operations, answering any questions or concerns, which has been a great partnership of encouragement in knowing that my faith and confidence would lead me on the path to healing and rehabilitation, which means so much to me.  Again, I would like to particularly thank your assistant, Janell, as she has shared her wealth of knowledge and professionalism with me as a patient.  I am also gracious for Mary, Christie and Melissa, as they have been an integral part in my treatment and recovery.  They have shown great care and concern in assisting me with regards to referral physicians, testing and insurance processes with the utmost professionalism and patience.  Thanks to you all, for I am very gracious for your unwavering support and commitment.  Thank you all once again and may your organization continue to prosper and touch the lives of others, where I will be proud to share and refer anyone that would require your expertise.  – Joel     Dr. Voorhies is a wonderful doctor with immense knowledge in treating spinal injuries.  If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have recovered as well as I have.  I had a severe spinal injury and had two surgeries a year apart.  I wore a neck brace after my first surgery and a halo after my second surgery.  It was a long and painful process, but I have done well in my recovery.  Although the accident left me disabled, I truly believe that Dr. Voorhies’ expertise and his staff got me back to where I can take my grandchildren fishing, and enjoy my family to the best of my limitations.  – Buddy      

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