Richard Corales, M.D.'s Testimonials

I feel I am receiving the best possible care from Dr. Corales. He is not only an expert in his field, but also a compassionate person. I have the utmost respect for him and his abilities. I would feel confident referring him to anyone, including my own family.

- Marilyn

I was experiencing severe neck pain on a daily basis. Dr. Corales took his time to explain, in a very caring and concerned manner, exactly what I could expect after my surgery. Now, just a few months later, I am living a pain free lifestyle again. Everything Dr. Corales told me he would do for me was right on target. I did not think this pain-free life was mine to experience again. Dr. Corales made my dreams come true.

- Nancy

Dr. Corales was very professional and very up-front with me. He told me exactly what to expect and actually showed me what he was going to do which made me very excited. I did very well after surgery and I feel better every day. I was very confident in him and it makes a difference when you have confidence in your doctor.

- Anthony

What more can I say than “Thank you, once again!” I had to smile when last week I thought, I’m too old for this, and then realized that most people are probably only just starting their journey at this age. In my case, I feel like you’ve watched me “grow up” through the years, and you have always been there when I needed you. By now, you must realize that I would NEVER let another doctor touch my spine! I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten so much relief from each and every surgery, and I don’t take that lightly! I’ve always understood the importance of going into these surgeries with a positive mental fortitude. I know that 22 years ago, when I first walked into your office that I picked the best there is! And thank goodness for that, because who would have ever thought that I would be back so many times. I can’t dwell on the past and wonder why, because I think so much of life’s circumstances defy explanation. I like your comment that “life is dynamic”. I know that there is still much healing to take place, but the results have been so remarkable! There has even been a wonderful surprise that I was not expecting. When my husband wraps his arms around me, his arm crosses the uppermost part of mine. For years, I would wince at the pain that I felt with pressure on the left side. I always assumed it was associated with my broken arm. I’ve sprained everything imaginable, but waited until I was 50 years old to chase a puppy around the house, slip on a wet spot in the kitchen and go down so hard as to separate and break my arm/shoulder. I just assumed the pain was associated with that injury. Well, the first time he wrapped his arms around me after surgery, I didn’t feel any pain. What a sweet and precious gift!!!!! I look forward to seeing you on a more casual basis at Tulane sporting events and I thank you with all of my heart for the most treasured gift of an overwhelmingly enhanced quality of life!

- Elizabeth

Working as a Surgical Assistant/PA at East Jefferson, I had a front row seat to the many surgeons that operate on a daily basis. So it was no mystery when I needed an anterior cervical fusion in 1992 and lumbar diskectomy in 2006 and 2008 who my choice of neurosurgeons would be. Dr. Richard Corales’ surgical expertise and bedside manner had made my decision an easy one. My rule of thumb is – when you need surgery, ask the OR personnel or other doctors who they would go to. I took my own advice and am glad that I did. I am back to the activities I enjoyed before my surgeries and have Dr. Corales and his staff to thank.

- Debbie

My experience with Dr. Corales and his staff was exceptional. They are a perfect model of how a doctor’s office should operate by putting patients’ needs first. The staff was friendly and very helpful in preparing me for my surgery. I was impressed with the fact that every appointment I had with SBS was on time, making my commute from Houma an easy one. Dr. Richard Corales was a godsend, making me and my family feel very comfortable with information and compassion for my surgical procedure. I give SBS, Dr. Corales and his staff my highest recommendation. Thanks for helping me in my time of need!!!

- Chad

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