• Competence Matters
    Competence Matters
    When patients require timely access to world-class care, from advanced brain treatments to cutting edge, minimally invasive complex spine surgery, the overwhelming choice is Southern Brain & Spine.
  • We are the Specialists in Neurosurgery
    We are the Specialists in Neurosurgery
    Specializing in neurosurgery, our focus is on both non-surgical and surgical treatments for patients with injury or disorders of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves.
  • Meet the Doctors
    Our Mission - Getting You Well
    Our Mission - Getting You Well
    The Physicians and staff are attentive to your needs, addressing each question with care and compassion. Our mission is to make the proper diagnosis, and getting you well as quickly as possible.
  • Successful Outcomes = Happier Patients
    Successful Outcomes = Happier Patients
    Our combination of timely access and exceptional care leads to more successful outcomes and happier patients.
  • Conservative, Appropriate Care
    Conservative, Appropriate Care
    Southern Brain & Spine... clinical excellence, surgical skill, and personalized, uncompromised care.

Welcome to Southern Brain & Spine

Our mission is to offer patients and referrers timely access to quality, comprehensive, cutting edge neurosurgical care, that encompasses brain microsurgery and minimally invasive spine surgery, in a caring, personalized, world-class setting.

Why Southern Brain & Spine?

The overwhelming request from our new patients is, “I want my life back.”

Southern Brain & Spine brings over eighty years of experience and earned trust to our patients, through non-surgical and surgical treatment of injuries or disorders of the brain, spine or peripheral nerves. Our physicians are dedicated to the timely and competent assessment of each patient’s needs, and through exceptional care and compassion, a commitment to restoring health and wellness. (Read More)

More About Southern Brain & Spine

Our patients tell us that when it comes to brain and spine health, they only want the best.  Meet the physicians and staff that improve the quality of patient lives each day. (Watch Video)


Choosing the Right Neurosurgeon

“I could have gone to any of the doctors on my insurance company’s list, but instead I wanted quick access and quality care… so I went to the best. I’m so glad I made the right decision.”

“For those of you in pain, there’s no reason to suffer.”

Neurosurgical Patient, Devoted Mother & Wife, Music Educator

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