Why Southern Brain & Spine

Who is SBS

Founded in 2006, Southern Brain & Spine (“SBS”) is a multi-specialty group practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to or diseases/disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, encompassing brain microsurgery to minimally invasive spine surgery.


With over 100 years of collective experience and earned trust, our Physicians are dedicated to the timely and competent assessment of each patient’s needs, and through exceptional care and successful outcomes, we make a commitment to restoring health and wellness.

Our Mission

Commit to our patients’ timely access to the most competent and compassionate physicians and support staff, addressing the neurosurgical needs of the Greater New Orleans area.


Brain Surgery

Brain surgery is a surgical procedure to address an abnormality in the brain. These abnormalities include, but are not limited to, brain tumors, acute head injury, hemorrhages or bleeds in the brain, as well as blood clots. There is also brain surgery that may be applied to increased fluid buildup or hydrocephalus. The different types of brain surgery performed at Southern Brain & Spine include biopsies, craniotomies, removal of tumors, as well as cerebrospinal fluid shunting.

Stereotactic radiosurgery is also a type of non-invasive “brain surgery” that employs radiation therapy and is used to treat a variety of brain tumors.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery involves procedures to relieve back pain, neck pain, and radiating types of pain, such as sciatica – pain radiating down the legs due to nerve compression. Spine surgery is also performed for degenerative and/or arthritic joints that cause neck or lower back pain.

There are two types of surgical options in general when it comes to spinal surgery. The first of which is open spinal surgery employing a lengthy incision to access the bones and pathology of the spine. There is also minimally invasive surgery, which uses a small incision that is less traumatic to tissues. This is advantageous to the patient as it decreases blood loss, decreases infection rates, and shortens recovery time. There is also less pain associated with minimally invasive spinal surgery as compared to open spinal surgery.

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management employs the use of interventional procedures to treat pain-related disorders. These types of disorders can include disc herniations, nerve compression, as well as neck and back pain. Additionally, these procedures may not only be therapeutic, but also diagnostic in nature.

These procedures oftentimes employ needle placement with drugs, including steroid and anesthetics. They also may employ thermocoagulation, simply heat in laymen’s terms, to burn small nerves that innervate painful joints.

Pain Management

Pain management is a practice at Southern Brain & Spine in order to treat spinal disorders. It employs multimodality treatment including medication, procedures, physical therapy, injections, stimulation, TENS units, radiofrequency ablations, and exercise therapy. This also includes recommendations regarding Pilates, yoga, tai chi, swimming or walking. Additionally, referrals for cognitive behavioral therapy and lifestyle changes may be considered.

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